Tree Care


Gatley Tree Service is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and is solely-operated by Arborist, Dan Gatley, with over 30 years of experience. 

Gatley Tree Service cares for your plants and offers landscape maintenance/pruning services in the Portland Metro area. Gatley Tree Service is licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of Oregon.


Tree Care

Tree Maintenance

Gatley Tree Service cares for all NW species and also includes exotics such as Japanese Maples and fruiting trees. The goal is to give your trees the best possible care for lasting beauty.

Gatley Tree Service offers comprehensive tree care in the Portland area including: pruning, thinning,  fertilization, shaping, and more.


Storm Clean-up

Gatley Tree Service is here to help, when the unfortunate happens and a small tree or branches need to be removed. We use the best tools and techniques to ensure a safe and professional service. Chipping and removal is provided.

Gatley Tree Service is licensed to advise you in landscape maintenance upkeep and scheduling in Portland Metro Area under CBB license number 141181. Dan is also fully bonded, insured, and an accredited. He can guide you to find removal specialists in the Metro area if large trees are in need of service.




Gatley Tree Service also offers specialty landscape and pruning services in the Portland Area. Dan Gatley, is educated in landscape design, management and horticulture, and has gained a focus in Japanese garden design and maintenance while apprenticing with Kurisu International. 

Gatley Tree Service will give you a tranquil outdoor experience by pairing the right mix of trees, plants, bonsai, and colorful ornamentals to your landscape. 


Shrubs and Hedges

Gatley Tree Service manicures, maintains, and shapes hedges and shrubs on your property for exceptional beauty, shading, and privacy. We specialize in Rhododendron pruning for bountiful blooms, and are recommended by the ‘Rhododendron Society of Oregon’. We create eye-catching shapes and contours with the artistic pruning of shrubs and small trees.



 Gatley Tree Service is proudly based in & serving the Portland Metro area.

Bringing Light and Beauty to your Landscape