Gatley Tree Service in Portland, Oregon

Gatley Tree Service proudly serves Portland Oregon, and surrounding areas. Offering Tree care services and tree removal by certified arborists. Japanese gardens, shrubs, hedges, and ornamental landscaping for a beautifully tranquil outdoor experience.

Gatley Tree Service proudly serves Portland Oregon. We offer much more than a tree service with specialties in Japanese gardens, fruit trees, and Northwestern evergreens. Dan Gatley is highly trained in these fields and experienced with over 30 years in the tree and landscape business. Gatley Tree Service is fully accredited, licensed and bonded in the state of Oregon.


Tree Care

Tree Maintenance

We are a superb team of tree care professionals in Portland, led by Dan Gatley, a Certified Arborist with ISA (International Society of Arborculture). As a Portland arborist, Dan is certified in caring for Northwest tree species including evergreens, deciduous trees, and fruit trees. Dan also specialists in exotic ornamentals such as Japense Maples.

Contact Gatley Tree Service for all of your tree maintenance needs in Portland, OR.

We offer: pruning, trimming, shaping, long term tree care, tree pest & disease treatment, and consulting.

Tree Removal

Gatley Tree Service works carefully to meet all safety regulations along with permit and zoning requirements for tree removal in Portland, Oregon. Contact us for an assessment of your problem tree. We can remove the entire tree, large branches, or offer specialty tree care when possible. We offer full service tree removal with clean up and tree haul away. Gatley Tree Service is licensed, bonded, and insured in Oregon for tree removal and tree services.





Contact Gatley Tree Service in Portland for all of your Landscaping needs. Lead by Dan Gatley, who has received formal education in Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance, and Arbor Care.

Hedges & Shrubs

Gatley Tree Service specializes in all woody plants. Our landscaping services in Portland Oregon include planting, care and maintenance of ornamental hedges & shrubs including Rhododendron care in Portland. We offer shrub and hedge shaping, thinning, pruning, and long term care for optimal beauty.


Proudly serving all of Portand Oregon.

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